A better Choice than Hostgator- BlueHost, DreamHost or InMotion

Hostgator is undoubtedly one of the finest web hosting service providers out there due to various reasons. Its high end server quality and impeccable support options are well appreciated by users worldwide. But owing to its high price and lack of affordable shared server options, bloggers might need to look at other options at times. This brings into the picture other top rated web hosting service providers like BlueHost, Dreamhost and InMotion. Here in this article, we are going to pit them against Hostgator and see which could be a potential substitute for it. Still if you need to know anything more about Bluehost hosting or any other type of hosting, feel free to check out easywaytohosting.com Blog. More than the reputation of the individual companies, we will focus our research on key parameters like affordability, support options, add-ons and features available, server quality, user feedback etc.

bluehost coupons and review of bluehost


InMotion is known to be the best option for a business website due to its highly customizable features and optimized performance. It has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and has been in this business for well over a decade. It uses cPanel as its backend panel and hence is easy to use and offers hassle free experience to users. They offer attractive packages tailor made for your requirements. The best part about this deal is that they come with a 90 day money back guarantee, so you really don’t stand to lose much by trying out this service. They offer excellent support for WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop and can be installed by a one-click support.


It has been in business well before Hostgator and hence is backed by its experience when it comes to packaging better offers and services. They have been primarily concentrating on shared server hosting till recently thereby giving an excellent opportunity for WordPress and other bloggers to host their websites cheaply. They have now forayed into VPS and dedicated servers as well, but shared servers are still their area of expertise. The shared hosting plan comes with unlimited hosting, free domain and an excellent technical support center. Bluehost offer discount offers by which you can buy Bluehost hosting for very cheap. It is highly recommended to use bluehost discount promo codes and buy Bluehost hosting plans. You can choose either shared hosting or VPS or even dedicated. Those Bluehost Coupons are applicable for all the hosting plans from Bluehost hosting company. The “Pro” version might be slightly on the higher side, but it does come with its fair share of additional features.



A natural choice for professionals, DreamHost offers cloud hosting which is the next big thing in web hosting these days. They offer a shared server packages as well as VPS and Dedicated server hosting. Due to its affordability and top notch technical support, DreamHost has found a lot of takers in the hosting community.


Hostgator and BlueHost use the dedicated cPanel control panel, whereas DreamHost has come up with their own unique panel. If you are someone who has prior experience with cPanel, then either of the above might be a better option. However, the DreamHost panel allows extensive customization thus making it an attractive proposition for professionals.

They all offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space thereby relieving users of any headache about using up their bandwidth. Support wise, all of them offer excellent customer support that is knowledgable and quick in resolution.

Any of the three- BlueHost, DreamHost or InMotion could be an effective substitute for Hostgator. You need to analyze all their features thoroughly before you make any decision.

SSD Hosting or HDD Hosting: Which one is best?

It holds obviously a lot of importance that you understand all those technical terms associated prior entering in to the business of hosting, or ecommerce, or blogging. However, it’s a fact that a very few people are aware of the terms like SSD hosting or HDD hosting. It is important that you understand properly about the difference between the two, or which option is better for you or in general. If you are still having any such doubt, then you are at the perfect place. Go through the below detail to understand things well.


Hard disk drive or HDD is basically a conventional data storage option. It facilitates data storage and has been considered one of the pretty handy options since a long while. HDD stores data disks as it is apparent from its name. You can witness it as well; there remain several disks. It has the head that gets data from the disk just making it rotated around an axis. Here these disks rotate pretty fast. The concept is basically to ensure an immediate reaction for any query.


The best part about HDD hosting is that here you won’t have any complaint regarding the available disk space. They offer a mammoth five hundred GB to 4 tetra byte space. In fact, this is well with your budget being available within the affordable price range of fifty dollars to two hundred dollars.


Anyway, these are certainly pretty slow in comparison to the other contender, SSD.

The method can be a good choice if your site doesn’t demand too much interaction, or doesn’t involve multiple huge numbers of files to be processed at a stretch. For the beginners, or those just want a web presence can always find this as a suitable option.


Coming to the SSD, or Solid State Drive, this is comparatively a revamped option that keeps data over microchips. There is no such scenario like above of rotation and all that to read data. In short, there is no issue associated here for making late in reaction time for the requests.


As it is evident from above, you can always expect faster performance from here. In fact, these are about hundred times faster than that of HDD. They hold the capability of delivering data at about five times in comparison.


Undoubtedly, SSD hosting is a way lot expensive in comparison. The minimum price is about hundred dollars that can store only about hundred twenty GB data. For eight hundred GB storage you must make your mind of expensing about three thousand five hundred dollars, which is undoubtedly too huge to afford.

There is one TB SSD option available, but the cost would be simply uncontrolled here. In fact, at an average you can get SSDs of 250 GB storage.

In short, if the site is demanding huge traffic every time with top notch performance, then SSD should be the option. Anyway, you should be expecting equivalent financial output as well through the process.